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Our Dogs

Katie Sassy Cleo
Lexi Titan Nonino

Broken Oaks Kipper Katie

Buddy's Royal Rusty x Shadoweenas Black Thunder

Katie was bred by us. It is very gratifying to see our hard work and years of dedication paying off with this elegant bitch! She combines the best of Rusty's fun-loving, good-natured temperament and Blackie's common sense, laid back approach. She is a red/rust. Katie is exceptional. Please contact us for more information on her next breeding.

Broken Oaks Sassy

Ch. CGC/TDI HQ Sampson Agonistes WAC x Broken Oaks Kipper Katie

Cleopatra III

Damen's Black Gusto x Krissy Satan Chaser

"Cleo" has the most wonderful temperament! She is truly an exceptional dog! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! When they refer to Dobe's being velcro dogs they meant Cleo! She was whelped on 6-21-96 by breeders Michael and Shannon Hoepner. There are more pictures of Cleo with some of her now grown puppies and some of my friends children in the photo album. Also one of her pups, Levi, is now serving as an assistance dog to a disabled child. Cleo has been officially retired. As much as she misses it and loves it, we are not allowing her to have any more litters. Her youngest daughter Chloe will someday follow in her mama's footsteps as the next generation of wonderful service dogs.

Broken Oaks Lexus

Buddy's Royal Rusty x Shadoweena's Black Thunder

It's with JOY I get to finally introduce our girl Lexi to the world. She is Titan(littermate) and Katie's full sister. In appearance she looks and feels just like her brother. Kind, Patient, and sweet in all the right ways. A very lovely female. I am glad I had the chance to keep her. She is doing her parents proud!

Broken Oaks Absolut Titanium

Buddy's Royal Rusty X Shadoweena's Black Thunder

This is Titan, the last son of our stud Rusty. Titan is Katie's full brother. We are excited by how beautifully this male has turned out! He possesses great bone structure, a beautiful cognac and black coat color, the sweetest disposition and a terrific depth and set of eye.

CH Nonino De Black Shadow

In 2006 Nonino was ranked the #1 Doberman Pinscher in Mexico. He was invited by the AKC to compete in the AKC Eukanuba National Championship. He is big, but has correct, lovely conformation! He is very sweet, kind and intelligent as well, which is extremely important to me! I selected a few females from his bloodline to breed to. It has been said that his gate is so smooth that you could balance a glass of water on his back.

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