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Welcome to Broken Oaks Dobermans!

Broken Oaks Dobermans is a proud member of both the
American Kennel Club and the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.


We currently have puppies available. Please contact us for more information.


Broken Oaks I Love Lucy

  • Sophia and Lucy sharing some time together
  • When is it my turn?


Lucy at nine weeks old.


Tip of the Month

Chiropractic Care

Has your dog/puppy ever seemed "ouchy" or limps on occasion that doesn't make any sense? Is there any times in which he/she doesn't seem at their best? You might want to give thought to Chiropractic care. Pets spinal columns can become misaligned by playing with other dogs or even running on uneven ground. I had an incident in which my female Cleo had been T-boned by our stud dog, Driver. An examination by our veterinarian led him to a bruised leg diagnosis and that it would take some time for the bruise to heal. The limping stopped after a month or so. Three months later Cleo came down with obvious neck pain. We took her to the U of Minnesota and with the neurologist being booked solid and going on vacation for 2 weeks I asked the veterinarian if I could see if a visit to the Chiropractor would be in order or if it could cause more harm. She (said that it was worth a try. I got right on the phone and the doc was on his way to my house. Upon examination of the cervical area of her spine he found 3 discs that were turned! Forty minutes into the adjustment you could see her pain subsiding! When thinking about how this could have possibly have happened it all brought me back to when she was hit by Driver. The impact didn't show itself until months later. What was a diagnosis of possible Wobblers was a case of misalignment. Being a breeder I have to be very aware of what afflictions my lines carry or are prone to. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of her adjustments.

Please give this some thought in treating your pets. Research the Internet, talk to your veterinarian, become informed on this alternative treatment.


Do you have a question regarding Dobermans or our breeding program? Please send us an e-mail message at Thank you.


Our Location


We are located near Colfax, Wisconsin. Click here for more details.


Adverse Reactions...

Some pets have adverse reactions to certain flea control products. I have been getting some reports on dogs, ranging from reacting funny to out right seizures, shortly after applying such products.

What should you do if your pet is having an adverse reaction to a flea control product?

Bathe your pet with a mild dish detergent (such as Dawn) and rinse with large amounts of water. Do not use a flea and tick shampoo because it contains pesticide. If signs continue (lethargy, loss of appetite, drooling, incoordination, labored breathing, increased excitability, elevated body temperature, vomiting, diarrhea or seizures), contact your veterinarian immediately.

For more information, go to

This information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a veterinarian's advice. Please consult your veterinarian before giving any treatment to your animals.


Raw Food Diet

I have been feeding a raw food diet to my Dobermans now for about 6 months with wonderful results. I'm anxious to find out how this diet affects life spans and visits to the veterinarians. Time will tell, but as of right now I'm really liking what I see! It may seem very foreign to us to think that we actually can feed our dogs much healthier without endangering our pets. After a litter of 13 very healthy puppies and a mom that has an endless amount of milk for them...I'm SOLD. I'm so pleased with this RFD that I am extending my guarantee an extra year for those that feed raw food to their new puppy.

Listed below are several books written on the topic of Raw Food Diet. All of these books are not really selling anything...just the knowledge of canine diet.
  • Food Pets Die For by Ann N Martin, International Authority on Pet Food
  • Raw Dog Food by Carina Beth MacDonald
  • Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats (The Ultimate Diet) by Kymythy R. Schultze, C.C.N., A.H.I.
  • It's Like a Miracle by Richard E Soltero, DVM


Alpha Training

Here is another issue that I hold dear to my owning Dobermans -- having a well behaved dog that you are proud of when out and about or when someone stops by to visit. I personally like the Alpha training technique, where you are the "pack" leader and the puppy/dog knows where it fits into the family unit.

Regarding the Alpha training, I like these books:
  • Anything from Cesar Millan.
    He does have his episodes on DVD also and it makes for a good night watch for the whole family.
  • Raising a Happy Puppy, the Monks of New Skete
    Again they also have their book on CD and I used to listen to it to and from work.
I never make it a rule to follow just one theory, I take what works for me and then culminate my own "training" that serves me best. One dog responds slowly or not at all to one idea but if approached in another manner would pick up on the issue right away. So, like a great pair of comfortable shoes that you found and they absolutely were not comfortable for your goes the training and feeding of your dog. Do what works for YOU and your DOG!


Doberman Obedience


UR01 FO UCDX Broken Oak's Northern Star CD RN CGC

We are SO proud to show off one of our rising stars: Broken Oaks Northern Star (a.k.a Zip), owned by The Vollers! In 2008, Zip competed in the Doberman Pinscher Club of America's Top 20 obedience competition, ranked as the #11 Doberman in the country in AKC obedience. In 2007, Zip finished as the #2 Novice Obedience dog in the country in UKC obedience. With 299 points, he had the second highest number of points in the history of UKC obedience! Zip has earned many first place wins in obedience, including 8 High in Trial awards!


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