Broken Oaks Dobermans

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Broken Oaks Photos


Rocko and Titan

Jim and Marcie

Broken Oak's Rocko with Lori


Whitney and Deacon

Linda and Tim's Nita

Emily and Clarence

Carolyn's Lucy

The Hoople's dogs - Legend, Baron, and Katie

Broken Oak's Noninos De Black Shadow (Nina)


Lacey and Onya


Emilie and Jeff's Titan


Jordis and Amelia

Desmond and Dusty

Dusty and Shadow sporting their rain wear




Linda and Azriel competing in Rally.

Brent and Azriel.


Bella won first place at the St. Patty's day costume contest.

Stellar at the Doberman Nationals in Topeka, Kansas

Zip and Friends

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