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Jeanne is by far the best and most professional breeder we have ever come upon. We found her on the Internet when we were looking for a nice family Doberman. Just the conversation on the phone was enough to tell us we NEED to get a puppy from her! Jeanne is beyond knowledgeable when it comes to Dobermans, extremely professional, and a wonderful person. We were highly impressed when we arrived and were greeted by the most stunning Dobermans I have ever seen. Their looks and personality were amazing.

After we picked out our Zues, or should I say he picked US out, we got so much information before leaving with the new addition to our family. Jeanne is with us all the way on this and we cannot thank her enough for our Zues. He is the BEST babysitter for our daughter. I have never seen a dog put up with so much stuff from a child while still being happy! He is the best! Thanks Jeanne.

Vanessa and Matt

We became the proud owners of Brinx this past August. He’s 2-1/2 years old and is truly a beautiful dog inside and out. His temperament is amazing. His transition into our home has truly gone flawlessly. He’s intelligent, obedient, loving and even smiles at us! He has brought us a lot of joy.

We were introduced to Jeanne through some friends who have a Doberman from Broken Oaks. I had never worked with a breeder. Prior to calling Jeanne, I looked at her website. I was really impressed with her views, thoughts, knowledge and overall passion for her Dobes. Upon meeting her, she reinforced everything. She has a true love for her dogs, which was evident when seeing the surroundings Brinx grew up in.

Before taking Brinx home, Jeanne worked with Brinx and me (mainly, just me) and taught me some of the training techniques. I know it’s mainly the dog and the training that has made everything so flawless, but I really appreciate Jeanne being there and helping in anyway she can. I know I can call her with any questions down the road. This has been such a great experience.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Amy and Michael

I just got on your website and was so pleased to see my baby Onya! She, of course, is a horse now. At about 60 lbs and clutzy as can be! I wanted to let you know she is just doing wonderfully! Her favorite past times are playing football with Thomas, catching flies and crickets (she is better than the cats!), and swimming. I can't get Onya out of the water.

We have managed to make her a camping dog (our favorite past time), but I often catch her sitting and staring at me with an expression of "I am so above this stuff, but tolerate it for you." She is my best friend and has been a PERFECT fit for us. You are so great at choosing just the right one.

Lacey C. and family

We picked up a male puppy in April. We named him Colfax. He is an absolute delight. Our family really enjoys Colfax and this fall he will be traveling with us to attend my son’s college soccer games.

I really want to thank you for letting me have one of your pups and let you know that his temperament is remarkable. He is sweet, friendly and very laid back. If you ever need a prospective owner to talk to me, feel free to give my name and number.

Matt and Jennifer G.

Titan (Broken Oaks Rio's Titan) was born 9-15-06 and is a puppy out of Rio and Cleo. He stands 32" at the shoulder and weighs about 85 lbs. He is a remarkable dog. He loves people and to spend time lying on top of them. He thinks he's still a puppy and will do anything to snuggle with you.

Jeanne has a great place and has bred fantastic dogs. Their temperament is something to look for in any Doberman. My wife and I would love to have a few more around the house, but our couches aren't big enough.

Alan and Tami A.

This is our Ruby. We think she's the best! Of course, she is spoiled rotten. She is beautiful and everyone does comment on how striking she is. She is also a good breed ambassador, as there isn't a person she doesn't like. She has been wonderful around kids, even though we have none for her to "practice" with. When she tires of the busy-ness of the little ones she just leaves the scene. And being a farm dog, she has been excellent with all the horses and cats she encounters daily.

Jeanne was the only breeder I ever spoke to that wanted to know my reasons for wanting a Doberman. That in itself was a #1 selling point. Many breeders are willing to sell a dog for any reason, not caring where their puppies will end up.

It was only after we bought Ruby and were on our way to pick her up that we learned my sister-in-law also had a Broken Oak's Doberman. We knew how much she loved him.

Dawn H.

I am the proud owner of a Broken Oaks Doberman! This breeder knows her stuff. Do not try and go to anyone else. She will always be available for any follow up on her dogs and will even kennel them if you go on vacation (for a fee). We will only buy from her. Her dogs are VERY HEALTHY, patient and kind. Our dog has already saved my son from an intruder in our home. He is also very gentle and kind with our guests. We always get complements on our Dobe...he is graceful and smart. Again, this breeder is a sure bet!

Wendy W.

I have know Jeanne for several years. Her dogs are known for having excellent temperament and intelligence. Jeanne has been breeding and raising Dobermans for the last 20+ years. She continually strives to improve her breeding program.

I received my male Doberman, Zip, from Jeanne when he was 14 weeks old. Since that time, he has been trained for competitive obedience. Zip has received many obedience honors including being ranked as the #11 Doberman in the country in AKC obedience, in 2008.

I also have a female "Broken Oaks" Doberman, Riley. While Riley is still a puppy and not yet involved in obedience competitions, she has the potential of one day surpassing the achievements of her big brother.

I would recommend Jeanne, as a breeder of Dobermans, above all others!

Dean V.

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